22 Times Tom Hanks Was the Best

Tom Hanks is the best. As if you needed proof, here are all the times he was the best:

1. That time he met his No. 1 fan, a young girl with autism, and was the sweetest.

Sarah Moretti has followed his career for many years,” the video’s description explains. “He was so generous and kind to her. What a man!”

2. That time he did Full House slam poety on Late Night.

3. That time he did a photo shoot with his “wasted” fans.

4. That time he and wife Rita Wilson were our favorite couple in Hollywood…

…aka, all the time (skip to :32 in the video for Tom and Rita).

Bonus: Their wedding photo!

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5. That time he made this face after dropping the F-bomb on live TV.

6. And that time his reaction after dropping an F-bomb on live TV was, “I’m sorry. I slipped into a brand of acting. I have never done that before; I apologize to the kids in America that are watching this right now, and let me say that the next time I’m on the show there will be a seven-second delay.”

7. That time he was so excited to see Woody.

Not to mention the fact that he is Woody.

8. That time Nerdist sent him a typewriter and he sent this response:

9. That time he checked out Olivia Wilde‘s engagement ring and was more excited about it than she was (and that’s saying something, because she seemed really, really excited).

10. When he recreated the piano scene from Big with Sandra Bullock.

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11. That time he started documenting lost gloves on WhoSay.

12. And that time he explained why he loved documenting lost gloves, telling CBS, “I think these are fascinating slices of life. I [put captions]. ‘Give me five,’ that’s one of them. Here’s what I think. It’s freezing cold outside, and it’s no fun to have a bare hand when it’s freezing cold. And yet, someone has lost a glove. That means half their life has disappeared for the course of the day. Sometimes they’re pretty little knitted gloves, sometimes they’re hard-working…What is a better metaphor for the loneliness of the city? Of a single lost glove?”

13. That time someone on Reddit asked him what his favorite animal is and “what color they would be better suited to be” and he replied, “Always thought chipmunks should be orange. Some are, right?”

14. That time he posted a video of his elbow surgery and it was disgusting.

Yet somehow still charming.

15. That time he put all other weathermen to shame.

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16. That time he wanted to show off his Emmy.

17. That time he posed with fans on his honeymoon back in 1987.

And was “SO delightful!” (their words).

18. That time he showed up to his premiere with tea cup.

19. That time they had to hang up signs warning people not to talk to Tom “Chatty Cathy” Hanks because he was on vocal rest.

20. That time he tried not to laugh in the Bosom Buddies blooper reel.

Spoiler alert: He couldn’t do it.

21. And that time he wore cat ears.

22. So thanks, T.Hanks.

For always being the best.

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